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Demos & Workshops

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10:30-11:00 Group Activitiy: Earth: Pressure, Density, and Weather (8 and older) 302 Bossone
11:00 The Grand Hank STEM Extravaganza Mitchell Auditorium
1:00-1:30 Group Activity: Health: Would You Buy That? (10 and older) 302 Bossone
2:00-2:30 Group Activity: All Themes: Robots and You (7 and under) 302 Bossone
2:45-3:15 Group Activity: All Themes: Nature-Inspired Robotics (8 and over) 302 Bossone


Topic Theme Location
Touch Screens Communication Atrium
Color Displays Communication Atrium
Signal Transmission Communication Atrium
Fiber Optics Communication Atrium
Quantum Engineering with Light Communication Atrium
Hard Drives and Binary Data Communication Atrium
Groundwater Clean Up Earth Atrium
Nature Did It First: The Plants and Animals Behind Bio-inspired Materials Earth Atrium
Impact Cratering Earth Atrium
Exploring Structures The Surprising Behavior of Soft Matter Earth Atrium
GKN Powder Metallurgy Earth Atrium
Turbines Energy Atrium
Solar Power Energy Atrium
LEDs Energy Atrium
Tribology: principles of friction, wear and lubrication Energy Atrium
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Energy Atrium
Thermoelectric Effect Energy Atrium
High Temperature Superconductor Levitation Energy Atrium
Jellyfish and Hydrogels Energy Atrium
Magic Liquid Crystal: Is it a liquid or a crystal? Energy Atrium
Power from Produce Energy Atrium
Arkema Energy Atrium
North Penn High School - Engineering Academy - The Future is N.E.A.R. - Nanotechnology Education And Research Energy Atrium
Carpenter Technology Corporation Energy Atrium
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Food Lobby
Eating in a Material World Food/Health Lobby
High surface area nanomaterials Health Lobby
Nano Gold for Cancer Therapy Health Lobby
NanoNoses: Next Generation Sensor Material Health Lobby
Nanoparticles in Sunscreen Health Lobby
DNA Sequencing with Nanopores Health Lobby
Material History: From Bakelite to Gore-Tex Health/Sports Lobby
Exploring Structures: Graphene & Tetrahedra Earth Lobby
Reversible Sunglasses Sports Lobby
Exploring Materials: Non-Newtonian Fluids Sports Lobby
Materials in Sports Equipment Sports Lobby
(CIVC 101) Structure and Strength Sports Lobby
(CIVC 101) Glaciers Earth Atrium